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The average person has anywhere from 80-180 natural lashes per eye. We shed around 35 natural lashes every week. This is considered normal, healthy lash shedding. After 3 weeks this is 105 lashes, and the reason why we recommend having your refills at this point.

Full lash cycles occur every 2-3 months. As you start seeing your lash artist regularly, by your third or fourth fill you may noticeably see fewer lashes because you are nearing the end of your lash cycle.

Our hair follicles also go through “Seasonal Molting” which is seasonal shedding of hair. You may notice more hair loss at different points in the year. With a new season, comes temperature changes and you may notice your extensions shedding at a faster rate than usual.

  • Avoid getting your lashes wet for 24 hours. This includes excessive heat or steam and activities such as swimming or hot yoga. The bonds on extensions needs time to fully set, and the longer you can keep them dry and cool after treatment, the longer they will last. 

  • Avoid applying face creams or oils near the lash line. 

  • Use a specialized lash cleanser to clean your lashes. Water alone won't fully clean them! (Think of it just like needing to shampoo your hair). This will help to keep the lashes clean of any dirt or oil build-up that can result in the lashes becoming weighed down and loosing shape. Dirt and bacteria can form around the lash line when eyes are not cleaned properly so a lash cleanser is a great way to maintain your general eye health. Eyelash cleansers can be purchased from us after your treatment. 

  • Brush your lashes into shape using a lash brush - just not when they are wet! Lashes are most fragile when wet, so wait for them to air dry and then brush through to style. 

  • Book in for your refills every 3 weeks to keep lashes looking fresh and full. 

  • Sleep on your back as much as possible. If you sleep on your side you may notice more fallout on one eye. 

  • Do not tint, perm or curl lash extensions. 

  • Avoid pulling or rubbing the lashes. 

  • Do not use mascara, liquid liners, gel liners, or organic solvents such as oils, glycols or carbomers. If you must wear eyeliner use a dark powder with an angle brush or use a felt tip non-waterproof eyeliner instead. 

Oily skin types experience shedding at a faster rate. We recommend wiping your lids throughout the day to prevent oil build up on the extensions. Hormonal imbalances, extreme stress, taking antibiotics or immunosuppressants may also affect your lash growth cycle. Iron deficiency, lack of nutrients may cause lash loss. Thyroid disease is also known to result in poor lash retention.

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